Top 10 Diet Plans

Updated 1/30/2016
Burn The Fat Inner Circle  Rating: 5 stars
The most comprehensive and effective program available, although some may be put off by its depth and "hard core" attitude.
Review of the Burn The Fat Inner Circle
Visit the Burn The Fat Inner Circle Website
Jillian Michaels  Rating: 4 stars
If you've seen the TV show, "Biggest Loser", then you know that Jillian is one tough personal trainer. Her "take no captives" attitude has helped to make her online diet program a blockbuster success.
Review of the Jillian Michaels
Visit the Jillian Michaels Website
Denise Austin  Rating: 4 stars
Fitness and weight-loss guru to the stars has developed a solid program.
Review of the Denise Austin
Visit the Denise Austin Website
Duke Diet & Fitness  Rating: 4 stars
Balanced emphasis on regular exercise and lifestyle changes. as the name emplies.
Review of the Duke Diet & Fitness
Visit the Duke Diet & Fitness Website
The Sonoma Diet  Rating: 4 stars
Fine dining at its finest. Fantastic recipes.
Review of the The Sonoma Diet
Visit the The Sonoma Diet Website
The South Beach Diet  Rating: 4 stars
Control the carbs to control the appetite.
Review of the The South Beach Diet
Visit the The South Beach Diet Website
Nutrisystem  Rating: 4 stars
A very comprehensive program that includes all of your meals and snacks. Their food choices aren't always the healthiest though.
Review of the Nutrisystem
Visit the Nutrisystem Website
8  Rating: 4 stars
Personally tailored meal and exercise plan based on 60 point questionnaire.
Review of the
Visit the Website
Medifast Diet  Rating: 3.5 stars
Lots of medical experience behind this program.
Review of the Medifast Diet
Visit the Medifast Diet Website
Diet-to-Go  Rating: 3 stars
Custom tailored meals delivered to your door.
Review of the Diet-to-Go
Visit the Diet-to-Go Website
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